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Site - Large Development Site, Polegate, East Sussex.

Planning - Large 4 stage development, including social housing.

Problem - Japanese knotweed present within an area of the site due for immediate redevelopment, timescale's did not allow for an in-situ treatment using the IVM 'FAST' system.

IVM Solution - Integrated on-site Treatment, excavation and relocation of Japanese knotweed into a designated receiving area in a part of the site not required for immediate re-development.

A haul road was put in place on the site between existing areas of knotweed and the receiving area to ensure safe transportation routes, all contaminated soils were excavated and moved under expert IVM supervision to the receiving area. The receiving area was then fenced off by IVM staff and will be treated using the IVM 'FAST' System.

A guarantee was issued immediately for the area of excavation to allow works to continue, a guarantee of eradication will be issued for the soils within the receiving area on completion.


Polegate Knotweed treatment - east sussexEast Sussex knotweedKnotweed East Sussex


Japanese Knotweed East Sussex





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