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'FAST' System - Guaranteed Japanese knotweed Eradication


The key to Invasive Vegetation Management’s (IVM) successful innovative methodology, known as the IVM 'FAST' (Foliage and Stem Treatment) System, lies with IVM's directors great knowledge of the plant.

The directors background are predominantly in Invasive Weed Control,but they have also worked in the landscaping and construction industries. In the 1990’s they spent their time specialising in selective weed control on sports pitches and golf courses.

Whilst undertaking this work it became apparent to them that due to the physiology of vegetation and the nature of its growth, every site required a tailor made solution, using a range of herbicides and timings to ensure complete eradication. This knowledge has played a large part in the success Invasive Vegetation Management’s FAST System.

 When they were first approached regarding Japanese knotweed (Fallopia Japonica) they used their experience in an amenity environment and applied to the knotweed. It was not long before they realised that the largest problem to overcome was to improve translocation rates of herbicide into the rhizome system of the plant.

This was achieved by encouraging herbicidal acceptance within the rhizome and sampling various methods of application. Together these advancements made the dated ‘five year treatment program’ a thing of the past and allowed Japanese Knotweed to be eradicated and GUARANTEED!

See more details of our guarantee here.

 With the directors background in the construction industry, they understand the importance of the developers build program, one of the big advantages that Invasive Vegetation Management & Treatment Limited have over its competitors is the ability to change its own works programs to allow development to continue around the treatment.

 We at Invasive Vegetation Management pride ourselves on our dedication to providing a high quality tailor made service always working to the highest standards of Health and Safety, Environmental awareness and customer satisfaction. 

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