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IVM Environmental

IVM have developed all of their techniques for vegetation control with the environment at the forefront of their thoughts. Our aim is to supply our customers with a cost effective, guaranteed solution to their weed problem that is environmentally friendly and carried out by environmentally aware staff.

IVM 'FAST' System

The IVM 'FAST' System (Foliage and Stem Treatment) uses less herbicide than traditional vegetation control methods and therefore has less of an impact on surrounding flora & fauna and the environment. In addition if the 'FAST' System is implemented no soil is required to leave the site and enter already full landfills.

IVM Supervised Excavation Technology

This advanced service from IVM can reduce the volume of soil leaving site by up to 95%, this not only reduces the amount of soil entering landfill sites but also reduces production of greenhouse gasses by haulers transporting the contaminated soil from the site.

IVM On-Site Burial Service

Our on-site burial service uses no herbicides, nor does any contaminated soil require removal from site, reducing both greenhouse gas production and herbicidal use.

IVM Services assist in the regeneration of brownfield sites and the re-establishment of native flora & fauna.

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