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IVM offer tailor-made eradication packages for all invasive weeds, the choice ultimately falls with the client, please view our flowchart to find out which treatment is right for you. - Click to View Flowchart


IVM services include:

*IVM 'FAST' System Eradication

*Standard Herbicide Treatments

*Dig and Dump Solutions

*On Site Burial Solutions

*Membrane/Root Barrier Systems

*Supervised Excavation Technology

*Stem Injection Systems

The IVM 'FAST' System

Invasive Vegetation Management has designed this revolutionary system; the Foliage And Stem Treatment (FAST System) has shown unrivalled success in trials. It was designed using a mixture of scientific and operational knowledge; it uses a range of the latest application techniques and herbicide selection, which guarantees eradication of Japanese knotweed.

Although specifically designed for use on Japanese knotweed, the system can be tailored to treat most invasive species with outstanding results and is Environment Agency approved.

Key Benefits of the 'FAST' System

*Tailor made solution

*Cost effective, guaranteed eradication

*Environmentally friendly


Dig and Dump

IVM offer a fully managed excavation service, we can also supply the machinery, plant and operatives needed for the job, allowing the client to hand over a knotweed contaminated site, and receive a clean site ready for development within a defined timescale. We can arrange everything from mapping to haulage to clean backfill, all at competitive prices, anywhere in the country.

Key Benefits of the IVM Dig and Dump Solution

*Tailor made solution for your site

*Fast and guaranteed

*Full package if required - leave it to us!


On-Site Burial

An on-site burial or cell burial solution can be offered on any site that has a sufficient area that can be excavated to a suitable depth to receive the Japanese knotweed contaminated soil from the site. IVM can manage and arrange the job from start to finish, ensuring that all parts of the job are carried out to IVM's high standards, resulting in a guaranteed cell on completion.

Key Benefits of the IVM On-Site Burial Solution

*Tailor made solution for your site

*Fast and environmentally friendly - no soil to go to landfill sites

*Full package including, surveys, excavation, membrane, jointing, burial, capping and GPS.


Membrane/Root Barrier Systems

IVM can supply and install a full range of membrane and root barrier systems, mainly used to prevent an invasive weeds, such as Japanese knotweed spreading onto a clean site once treatments are complete. Root barriers can be installed vertically or horizontally, and are usually used in partnership with a treatment program.

Key Benefits of the IVM Membrane/Root Barrier Solutions

*Tailor made solution for your site

*Fast and effective

*On-going protection for your site



Supervised Excavation Technology

Invasive Vegetation Management can supply a fully trained member of staff to oversee and advise during Japanese knotweed excavation, with a member of IVM on site during these operations it can vastly reduce the volume of soil that requires removal, therefore vastly reducing your costs and your environmental impact.

Key Benefits of the Supervised Excavation Service

*Reduce volume of soil leaving site

*Environmentally friendly - less to landfill

*Ideal for sites with plant and machinery available on-site



Stem Injection Systems

Stem Injection differs from traditional herbicidal treatment methods which are applied to the surface of the leaves of the plant, stem injection methods inject specific quantities of herbicide directly into the stem of the plant.

Key Benefits of Stem Injection Systems

*Not weather dependant

*Environmentally friendly

*No damage is caused to surround vegetation


What to Expect from IVM

Once IVM are requested to assess a site for invasive species, you can be sure that you will not get a salesman walking around your site, guessing the answers to your questions, at IVM we will send a trained expert to deal with your enquiry from day one, this ensures that all of your questions will be answered and all of your options explained.

Once a suitable tailor made option has been chosen for your site, IVM will carry out a Health and Safety audit of the site prior to any work taking place. This will be forwarded to you with our site-specific method statement and risk assessments, including approximate dates for visits and a guaranteed eradication date. Within this documentation you will be given the name of your IVM Business Manager, who will keep you informed throughout the treatment of its progress by updating you within a week of each visit with a Site Progress Report, including photographic evidence.

In the case of Japanese knotweed treatments, IVM staff will remove rhizome samples from the site at the end of the treatment program, for testing prior to issuing the guarantee. The guarantee is offered as a ten year standard but can be extended if required.

All IVM Treatment methods carry a full guarantee, for details - click here

Contact IVM for full details of our services

For help deciding which method is right for your site, please view our flowchart.

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