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Japanese Knotweed Case Study

Site - Residential Property - Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Planning - N/A

Problem - A mortgage on the property had been refused because of the japanese knotweed infestation within the rear garden of the house.

IVM Solution - IVM produced a KMP (Knotweed Management Plan) to allow the sale of the property to continue whilst an IVM 'FAST' System herbicide treatment was implemented on the knotweed.

The property changed ownership during our treatment program, with the original owner paying the first two stage payments for the works and the new owner paying the last two stage payments.

The site was cleared by IVM and guaranteed in December 2010. Regular monitoring visits have been carried out since the guarantee was issued as a part of our guarantee conditions - no re-growth of Japanese knotweed has been found.

Knotweed Wisbech CambridgeshireWisbech KnotweedKnotweed Cabridgeshire







KNotweed eradication cambridgeshire









The photographs above show the site at various stages during the treatment process, click the image to enlarge.

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