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Japanese Knotweed Guarantee


Our Japanese Knotweed Eradication guarantees reflect the company’s confidence in its methods and techniques. The guarantees available are outlined below;

10 year knotweed gaurantee


Standard 10 Year Guarantee:

All IVM treatment programs are covered by our standard 10 year guarantee,which means that in the unlikely event that there is Japanese knotweed regrowth at your site during the Guarantee Period, we will continue providing herbicide treatments until the problem is resolved.

10 year PCA guarantee

10 Year Bonded Japanese Knotweed Guarantee:

Banks and mortgage lenders may sometimes require Japanese knotweed treatment to be covered by a 10 Year ‘Insurance Backed’ Guarantee if a property is being purchased or sold. As members of the PCA (Property Care Association) Invasive Vegetation Management & Treatment Limited, we can provide these guarantees at an additional cost, which will be detailed within our written quotation. This Guarantee will cover your property against the re-growth of Japanese knotweed after eradication, but would only come into effect should the contractor cease trading, please see our Property Care Association (PCA) page - click here


When you employ IVM to carry out an eradication service, you can always be assured that IVM will complete all work to the very highest standards, and one of our Guarantees will provide the extra peace of mind that your knotweed will be eradicated by professional, fully trained, in house teams.
























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