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We aim to provide information about specific weeds; how to identify them, the type or damage they are likely to cause and how to manage them.


Below are guidelines listed by plant type which you may find useful:


Japanese Knotweed - Click for Guidelines

Giant Hogweed- Click for Guidelines

Himalayan Balsam- Click for Guidelines

Common Ragwort- Click for Guidelines

Floating Pennywort - Click for Guidelines

Parrot's Feather - Click for Guidelines

Giant Knotweed - Click for Guidelines

Devil's Apple - Click for Guidelines

Horsetail - Click for Guidelines


We currently have a wide range of information available for immediate download from this page, please click on the relevant link below:


The Guide to Japanese Knotweed


IVM Services Downloads


IVM 'FAST' System

IVM Supervised Excavation Technology


Invasive Weed Information Downloads


Japanese Knotweed Information

Giant Hogweed Information

Himalayan Balsam Information




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