Japanese knotweed PCA Members

PCA Accreditation

The Property Care Association is an independent trade association that represents professional property care specialists – with stringent criteria required before becoming members.


Membership of the PCA covers Independent Surveyors, Consultants, Contractors and Manufacturers and diverse sector interests such as damp proofing, structural repair and invasive weed control.


We are a proud member of the PCA’s Invasive Weed Control group and are here and ready to offer you a solution to your Japanese Knotweed problem – with guaranteed assurance of our standards when it comes to tackling Japanese Knotweed.


Choosing a company to remove Japanese knotweed can be difficult. Unless, you have previous experience in dealing with the plant, chances are Japanese Knotweed is a new subject area for you. Research on the internet could highlight factors such as significant costs, laws, timescale's, mortgage problems etc. On top of that, you are probably not even aware of whether a company is reputable or not. This is where a governing body like the PCA really helps.


Members of the PCA are required to adhere to an exhaustive set of challenging standards in order to be admitted into the PCA. Once admitted, approved contractors are held to strict, regular quality checks. This has to be complied with in order to keep hold of their PCA status.




Contact IVM to have your Japanese knotweed problem cured by a reliable, reputable company.


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