Japanese knotweed mortgage

Japanese Knotweed Mortgage


Mortgage applications have been refused or adjusted by numerous lenders due to Japanese Knotweed infestations within the boundaries of the property.


Invasive Vegetation Management & Treatment Ltd have access to optional 10 year insurance policies in support of our treatment plans which are an acceptable solution to most mortgage lenders.


If Japanese knotweed is identified during a property survey, either within the property boundaries or on adjacent land, nearly all mortgage lenders will require a survey by a PCA accredited surveyor like IVM.


IVM will carry out a full survey of the property or land, providing you with a fixed cost quotation with a treatment plan and Knotweed Management Plan (KMP), all with clearly defined timescale.


IVM have helped hundreds of property sales where japanese knotweed is present - contact IVM if you would like our help.



Knotweed Mortgage - History and Background


Why has Japanese Knotweed become an issue with mortgage lenders and banks?

We believe this dates back to September 2007 when the lending crisis became headline news.

At this point mortgage lenders and banks with the restructuring of finance required only absolute clean mortgage loans without risk.

Japanese Knotweed was identified as risk.


What has occurred in the period between 2007 and 2012/13?

The RICS decided to consult with invasive weed experts and invited input from companies throughout the UK.

This resulted in the first published information paper in early 2012 which suggested the need for insured guarantees.

Concurrent with this the Property Care Association formed an Invasive Weed Control Group and Invasive Vegetation Management & Treatment Ltd are an accredited member.


The Good News Commences!

Detailed discussion between the PCA, the RICS and the mortgage lenders resulted in a 10 year insured guarantee option being available but only to accredited PCA members such as IVM.

The insured guarantees became available in November 2012.


Key Benefits

It removes an obstacle in obtaining a mortgage.

Assists future sales.

In simple terms it insures the contractor guarantee for 10 years.

Mortgage lenders will take into consideration a range of factors as you know when offering mortgage approval. It should definitely assist if Japanese Knotweed is the only issue.